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By Rachel James / September 5, 2017

A transatlantic cruise to America is one of the best experiences you can have. You get to enjoy the serenity of the Atlantic and live life in-the-moment for several days, cut off from your mundane schedule in the UK.

The Transatlantic Experience

A transatlantic cruise is an ideal one if you want to relax and spend a holiday, completely free of any thing to do with your life in UK. The long journey comes with an array of amenities, which the guests are regularly pampered with. An ideal transatlantic cruise experience involves having to read your book under the sun, followed by a refreshing dip in the swimming pool and then having food from a variety of restaurants. You can then enjoy yourself in a spa or hit the gym. There are several activities going on at any moment of the day, with specialties for kids, adults, males and females. Depending on the cruise liner and the season you are travelling in, you can choose to participate in play areas, surf parks, H2O therapy zones, dance classes and much more! While cruises on other routes may offer some of these services as well, but you never really get to make the most of them because of the shorter time duration. With a transatlantic trip, you can spend as much time as you want in exploring the on-sea adventures awaiting for you in the cruise.

When To Travel

Since this is a long cruise, with you travelling between two continents, you need to get your timing right in order prevent the weather from spoiling your fun. The sea is extremely rough between June and November, with severe hurricanes and regular fog. This happens because of the changing of weather patterns between the spring and the autumn seasons. Generally, you are advised to plan your cruise between the months of April and December, when the weather is clear and seas are smoother. The on-board activities usually multiply during these months and it is a lot more fun, overall.

How Long Does The Atlantic Crossing Take

This is a question that frequently pops up in the mind when you initially start planning for a transatlantic cruise. Different ships move in different speeds and leave in different seasons, which means that there is no exact time duration under which they all reach the American ports from UK. Most cruise liners usually take between six to nine days to reach the destination. Other ships may even stop at different ports along the way (in Europe or in the Caribbean), which means that the time taken usually increases to between ten days to fifteen days, or even more!

How Much Does The Transatlantic Cruise Cost

Again, this is a question which cannot have a definite answer. There are many factors involved in the final cost of a ticket on a cruise ship, including weather, amenities, stops, level of luxury, etc. Most of the ticket prices range between $800 and $2000, for each individual. Like buying any other tickets, cruise line tickets can also be availed at a discount if purchased several months in advance.

The Most Popular Transatlantic Cruises To Travel In

There are several ships that depart the English ports each week and land in the ports of America. Southampton is the most popular home port for the journey, having a handful of transatlantic cruise options. Most of the direct cruises, from UK, head towards New York or Boston. However, if you want to visit other areas like San Francisco or Florida, you can sail from Spain, Portugal or Italy, taking an indirect route. Let’s now have a look at the most trending cruise providers and their itineraries:


Departure: Southampton
Days: 7-19 days
Price: From £749 per person

Cunard is one of the largest brand names in the cruise liner business. Its ships make the journey across the Atlantic throughout the summer season, making journeys to New York and Brooklyn from Southampton. The company’s fleet includes Queen Elizabeth, Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2. These ships are always rotated for the voyage throughout the year. The company provides a first class traveling experience in each of its ships, with luxuries rooms to live in and outstanding activities throughout the journey for keeping you entertained.
Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 is the fastest transatlantic cruise liner, reaching the New York port within seven days.
You can visit the company’s website and check out the available dates for travel by clicking here.

Holland America Line

Departure: Southampton
Days: 7-19 days
Price: From £850 per person

The Holland America cruise liner takes travelers between UK and America, several times each year. It heads to the ports of Boston and New England. The company is headed in USA and have an excellent website, which will allow you to plan a journey with just a few clicks.

Princess Cruises

Departure: Southampton
Days: 7-21 days
Price: From £1059 per person

Princess offers transatlantic trips from Southampton to New York through its Crown Princess ship. The journey takes you through several stops including Bruges, Copenhagen, Oslo, Lerwick, Akureyri, Reykjavik, St Johns and Halifax. The cruise is a great value for money and has a huge list of onboard activities, programs and exercising services. It generally has a great reputation. Check out their latest pricing here.

Celebrity Eclipse

Departure: Southampton
Days: 7-21 days
Price: From £1050 person

Ever since the company launched its transatlantic route in 2008, it has been raking very high points in its service and customer satisfaction. The ship travels between Southampton, Boston, New York, King’s Wharf, Nassau and Miami. It is a pretty in demand cruise line offering a sophisticated and stylish experience without a premium price tag. Check out the upcoming cruises by clicking here.

Royal Caribbean

Departure: Southampton
Days: 7-19 days
Price: From £1050 per person

Royal Caribbean’ Navigator of the Seas is another great option to travel between UK and America. The ship travels to New York, Boston, Orlando and finally stops at Miami. One of the best features of this cruise liner is that it offers ‘virtual balconies’ in its room, which makes you feel that you are living in a grand suite. Check out all the details about the Navigator of the Seas by clicking here.

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