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Cruise Experience

Cruise Experience

When you choose to take a cruise holiday you’re guaranteed an incredible experience. Because of the nature of cruising, there are so many factors that contribute to each individual cruise experience. You can create your own perfect cruise when you choose from a range of accommodation, destinations, sizes of ship and cruise excursions.

How to book a cruise
How to Book a Cruise

Booking a cruise can be a daunting experience. We’ll tell you how to book a cruise so you get the perfect holiday from start to finish. Read more
Cruise Dining
Food on a Cruise

There’s a huge choice when it comes to food on a cruise and this can depend greatly on the type of cruise holiday you choose. There are ships that offer an exclusive selection of gourmet restaurants while the large resort-style ships have multiple dining options that cater to every taste at any time of the day. Read more
Accommodation on a cruise includes staterooms with a balcony
Cruise Accommodation

The accommodation on a cruise is very varied across the different styles of ships and also within each individual ship itself. From luxuriously appointed suites and inter-connecting family rooms, to cabins for solo travellers and secluded balcony spaces, there’s an accommodation type to suit every budget and requirement. Read more
Packing for your cruise
What to Take on a Cruise

When you decide to book a cruise, there are many factors that will affect what you take with you. For instance, if you are joining your cruise in a UK port with no flight involved then you’ll have the option to pack more. Similarly, destination, climate and the style of ship you’re sailing on will all affect your decision of what to take on your cruise holiday. Read more
Docked cruise ship
What to Wear on a Cruise

What to wear on a cruise depends not only on where you sail, but also the cruise line you choose and what type of ship you’ll be sailing on. While some cruises offer a completely casual holiday, others may have on board dress codes and special black tie events. Read more
Take your passport with you on a cruise holiday
Cruise Answers

There are so many elements involved in cruising that you’ll probably have lots of questions, especially if you’re new to cruise. Our Cruise Answers are here to answer all of the frequently asked questions about cruising. Read more
Cruise Ship Safety

We’ll provide information on cruise ship safety and answer any queries you may have. From extensive and regular staff training to rigorous passenger safety procedures, cruise ships offer one of the safest holiday environments around. Read more