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Guide to Cruising

Guide to Cruising

Our cruise guide is here to help you discover everything a cruise holiday has to offer. If you’re new to cruising, you’ll find helpful tips and the answers to all your cruise related questions.

This guide to cruising is a great place to learn about variety, value and diversity cruising can offer, no matter what type of holiday you’re looking for. And, once you’ve got a better idea of what type of cruise may be right for you, you can start finding out about the huge range of food, entertainment and accommodation to be found on a cruise holiday.
Cruises Offer Exceptional Value

An all-inclusive cruise holiday is unique in how much it can offer for such exceptional value. Whether you want to relax by the pool or have a go at ice skating, there really is something for everyone. There’s also a dining option to suit every taste, accommodation to meet any requirement and itineraries for every budget. It’s all detailed here in our cruise guide and it’s all included in the price. Choosing a cruise gives you the amazing opportunity for a fully personalised holiday experience, at no extra cost. Read more
Cruise Destinations, Rome, Italy, the Coliseum
Cruise Destinations

If you’re keen to travel the world and visit a variety of destinations, then a cruise provides the answer. There are literally thousands of exciting destinations around the globe that you can visit on a cruise, so the hardest decision is often which itinerary is best for you. There are river cruises along the waterways of Europe, Russia, Asia and even Africa. Alternatively an ocean cruise holiday can take you to places only accessible by sea, to destinations off the beaten track or to areas with stunning scenery. And, of course, there are cruises to the ever-popular regions of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the Baltic and Alaska. Read more
Cruise Destinations, Bilbao, Spain
How to Choose a Cruise

Ships come in all sizes, with varying styles and levels of luxury. If you’re new to cruise this guide will help you discover your perfect cruise experience. Take the slow lane with a river journey, enjoy a cultural cruise or an adventure off the beaten track. There’s ultra-luxury, ships specialising in family holidays and much more. You can even choose to fly to meet your cruise, take the train or sail directly from the UK. Read more
Family Friendly Guide to Cruising, Swimming Pool
Family Friendly

Many cruise ships boast incredible facilities for all ages on board-and a cruise is one of the few holidays that has something for everyone in the family, no matter what their age. On a cruise you’ll find activities and entertainment for all age groups, family friendly dining and accommodation to cater for family groups of any size. Read more