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How to Book a Cruise Guide

How to Book a Cruise Guide

The choices you have for your cruise holiday are almost endless and this is the great reason why a cruise will perfectly meet your needs. That choice is another reason why you should seek expert advice when making your selection and when you come to book a cruise.

CLIA UK & Ireland is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing expert cruise information and training to travel agents. If you have a query or need a little help on how to choose and book a cruise, then a great place to start is to ask a CLIA UK & Ireland cruise agent member.
Cruise Agents

The variety of cruise holidays available is almost endless, so it is best to seek out those cruise agents who have access to cruise training and resources. CLIA UK & Ireland is supported by the world’s leading ocean and river cruise companies and provides cruise training and support to help CLIA UK & Ireland travel agent members match customers with the right cruise, right ship and right itinerary and can offer advice on how to choose and how to book a cruise that suits you.
Ask a CLIA UK & Ireland Agent

Do you have a question about cruising that you would like answered by an expert? CLIA UK & Ireland operates the official accreditation scheme that recognises those who have attained the highest level of training and this is your opportunity to put a question to a CLIA UK & Ireland, an agent who has achieved the highest level of learning.