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What to Take on a Cruise Guide

What to Take on a Cruise Guide

What to take on a cruise very much depends on where you are travelling, the style of cruise and where you begin your holiday.

If you are taking a cruise from the UK you can generally take as many bags as you can fit into your cabin, while if you are taking a fly-cruise holiday, you will be restricted by the airline’s baggage and weight allowances.

Quite often at the end of your cruise holiday, suitcases are collected the night before you return to port, so check when booking as you may need to take an overnight bag.

What to wear on a cruise will depend on your itinerary and style of cruise. If you’re off to the Arctic or Antarctica you need to pack warm clothing whereas if you’re travelling The Nile you will need to take light clothes. Most cruise lines still have one or two formal and semi-formal nights per seven-night cruise so you’ll need to pack for that as well.

When considering what to take a cruise, it’s worth remembering to pack an adaptor as most ships provide both 110 volts and 220 volts AC sockets. Many cruise lines provide a hairdryer in your bedroom but worth checking before you pack.

There are generally laundry facilities onboard so it’s not necessary to take an iron.

If you are travelling somewhere hot, make sure you take the sun cream and hat and don’t forget that depending on where you are going, you may need different currencies. Most ships offer an onboard bureau de change and are able to provide most currencies; alternatively you may wish to take the appropriate currencies with you.

And of course you need the all important camera (and batteries) to catch those magic moments.