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Cruise Excursions

Travel is about new experiences and that extends to excursions ashore. Cruise lines offer extensive sightseeing programmes to suit all ages, interests and abilities. There are cruise excursions for the adventurous, days for wildlife fanatics and plenty on offer if you’re more taken by beach life than nature! Those seeking gastronomic pleasures are catered for too, and there are varied cultural programmes to choose from. Here’s just a taster of what cruise excursions you can expect.

  • Natural Beauty
  • Culture & History
  • Sport & Adventure
  • Sightseeing & City
  • Nature & Wildlife

Cruise excursions to visit mountains
Cruise excursion to explore the underwater natural beauty of Egypt
Cruise excursions can include a safari
Cruise excursions to Norwegian Fjords
Cruise excursions to Godafoss, Iceland
Cruise excursions to Giverny, France

Many cruises offer excursions to help you discover the natural beauty at each destination. Enjoy the dramatic scenery as you sail through the karsts of Halong Bay, soak in the mineral rich waters of the Dead Sea, dine amongst the sand dunes in Dubai, lose yourself in the breath taking Blue Mountains or simply chill out at the Snow Hotel in Norway.

Halong Bay, Vietnam
Dead Sea, Egypt
Dune Dinner Safari, Dubai
The Blue Mountains, Sydney
Snow Hotel, Norway

Cruise excursions to explore the history of Arabia
Cruise excursions to explore the culture and history in China
Cruise excursions to visit the Pyramids in Egypt
Cruise excursions to explore Rhine Valley
Cruise excursions to visit the Taj Mahal
Cruise excursions to visit Ephesus, Turkey

This type of cruise excursion guarantees you the opportunity to explore the most significant cultural and historical highlights of every port. Get that iconic picture at the Taj Mahal, or explore the ancient temples of Ankor Wat. Learn about the ancient Egyptians and marvel at the pyramids. Find yourself on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, or sit back and enjoy the vibrant energy of a tango show.

Taj Mahal, India
Ankor Wat Temples, Cambodia
Ancient Ephesus, Turkey
Pyramids, Egypt
Jerusalem, Jordan
Tango Show, Buenos Aires,
Castles along the Rhine, Germany

Cruise excursions to explore the coral
Group cycling cruise excursions
On cruise excursions you can jet ski
Cruise excursions to visit lagoon at Disney’s Castaway Cay
Cruise excursions – scuba diving
Cruise excursions to Disney’s Castaway Cay

Cruises are perfect for adventurous types, with sporting excursions offering the chance to try everything from the unusual to the extreme! Explore the vast desert on camelback, discover the underwater world of the Red Sea, get an adrenaline buzz rafting down white-water rapids. Experience the largest tidal wave in the world from a rib, or jump on a husky sledge or snow mobile and whizz through the snow.

Camel Ride, Lanazarote
Skuba Diving, Egypt
White Water Rafting – Vigo
Rib Safari to Saltstraumen (largest tidal wave)
Husky Sledging, Norway
Snow Mobile, Lapland

City cruise excursions to Barcelona
City cruise excursions to visit the Guggenheim in Bilbao
City cruise excursions to visit the Christmas Markets in Germany
Cruise excursions to visit Giverny in France
Cruise excursions to visit Hamburg
Cruise excursions to Shanghai
Cruise excursions to explore Paris, France
Cruise excursions to visit the Sydney Opera House, Australia

See the best sights, taste the best tastes and find the hidden gems at every port on sightseeing and city excursions led by experts from your cruise operator. Take a tour of the iconic Sydney Opera House, travel to the most northern point of Europe, sit back and sip port whilst enjoying the back drop of stunning vineyards, mosey around the cobbled streets and find some handmade gifts at the Christmas markets or go up the Eiffel tower to enjoy the Parisian night sky.

North Cape, Norway
Port Tasting, Portugal
Christmas Markets, Germany
Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame, Paris
Monet’s Home, Giverny
Sydney Harbour

Cruise excursions to wildlife centres
Nature and wildlife cruise excursions
Nature and wildlife cruise excursions
Cruise excursions include whale watching
6251 © Rex Melton, Alaska Division of Tourism
Spot a bear on a wildlife and nature cruise excursion
4001 ©Tim Thompson, Alaska Division of Tourism
Try out dog mushing on a nature cruise excursion
On a wildlife cruise excursion you may spot a penguin

You’ll find plenty of specially designed excursions to bring your cruise experience closer to nature. Watch bears forage on the rocky shores, explore the underwater world of the great barrier beef, swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas and have your camera ready for the Sea Eagle Safari at Trollfjord.

Bear Spotting, Alaska
Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Port Douglas
Swimming with dolphins, Nassau
Sea Eagle Safari, Trollfjord

  • Cruise activities for kids
  • The kids will love seeing dolphin on a wildlife cruise excursion
  • Cruise excursions for the kids where they can try out zip lining
  • Wildlife cruise excursions
  • Nature cruise excursions

Many cruise operators offer excursions especially suited to kids. Wear them out on the slopes, take them through the everglades looking for crocs or down in a submarine to learn about the life underwater. Explore the caves of Nerja, enjoy a day of fun at Tivoli theme park or relax amongst the different species of butterflies in Aruba.

  • Snow & Ski World, Dubai
  • Everglades Airboat Ride, Fort Lauderdale
  • Atlantis Submarine, Bridgetown
  • Blarney Castle, Cork
  • Caves of Nerja – Málaga
  • Tivoli Gardens & Theme Park – Copenhagen
  • Zip-lining and cave tubing, Belize
  • Butterfly Farm, Aruba